Walks Through Amsterdam With Peaceful People And Phenomenal Art

You want peaceful people and phenomenal art go for walks through Amsterdam city. With nearly 1 million inhabitants, Amsterdam is the city of museums, canals, picturesque squares, parks, boats, and the wonderful architecture that the inhabitants of this town, jealously stored.

These are the places you can go for walks through Amsterdam city :

Metropolis Of Art

With more easygoing, Mirror of Holland is right , capital Amsterdam. Although all state institutions and embassies located in The Hague, Amsterdam is the capital of this country. With nearly 1 million inhabitants, Amsterdam is a city of museums, canals, picturesque squares, parks, boats, boats, and beautiful architecture that residents of this city,jealously guard. Each building at the same time is and cultural monument or someone living or working space.

Street Entertainment

The most famous square in the city is Dame, that it’s monumentality fascinating Royal Palace, the New Church, Madame Tussauds Museum and Historical Museum. Square is the place where you entertain numerous street musicians and jugglers. Liberalism is a major feature of the residents of Amsterdam, but here is refined and easygoing which quickly acquired and those who were not born here.


Amsterdam canals this year celebrate their 404th birthday. From The channels you can see the beautiful villas of the 17th century. Converted into guest houses and narrow buildings that sometimes seems to be down at any moment. The ring of canals began in Singel, it is located in flower market that floats above the water.

Then go through Herengrat, Kajzergrat, and finally, in Prisengrat. Street of Red Lanterns, is located about 2 historic canals, Oudezijds Voorburgwal and Oudezijds Achterburgwal.

Channels, Amsterdam

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If you need peace there is hidden place in the heart of Amsterdam who should be visited. That place is Begijnhof, a small grass area surrounded by beautiful houses from the 17th and 18th century that were once inhabited by devout Catholic women who not been married.

In the park is located and small English reformist Church and Catholic Chapel. Just behind the famous “Night Watch” by Rembrandt. Behind the corner of the Begijnhof is located a real pearl of the city and completely free – Schuttersgalerij, ie Gallery of the civil guard.

Begijnhof, Amsterdam

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The most famous park in the city is not far from the Museum Square, and is a great place for a picnic. This 47 acres park has fish ponds, paths surrounded with beautiful trees, playgrounds, outdoor theater and cafes.

Here you can rent a roller, but it is best to take along a blanket and sitting on it to watch passers-by. You can see the Picasso sculpture in one of the grass meadows.

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

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One of the newest attractions of Amsterdam’s EYE Film Institute located on the north coast of the canal Ij.


Wealth of Amsterdam emerged thanks to their ports and merchants who sell everything – from tulips to exotic spices. A small part of their trading past you can see today in modern markets. The most famous markets there is Albert Cuyp where sold everything and anything, beautifully Nordermarkt, a market where you can buy goods directly from its maker. The best “catch” on goods can be found at Waterlooplein Market.

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