The Deepest Lake In The World, Magic Beauty Of Baikal Lake

Besides being the deepest and oldest lake in the world, Lake Baikal, which is located in Siberia, in the Asian part of Russia, it certainly is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, during all seasons, especially during the cold Siberian winters.

The Deepest And The Oldest

Seventh lake in the world by size, old about 25 million years ago and 1,624 feet deep, Lake Baikal, according to its volume, is the largest freshwater lake which contains about 20% of the world’s surface frozen fresh water.

This lake is considered to be extremely important to evolutionary science, as it is the home on huge number of endemic plants and animals, from which the most stands out unique freshwater Baikal seal.

The lake is home to more than 1,085 plants and 1,550 species of animals, of which almost 80% are endemic! The region surrounding the lake has about 1,200 historical, archaeological and cultural monuments, and about 1,000 of them have already been placed under state protection.

In ancient Chinese texts, this lake was known as the North Sea. It should not be too surprising, given that Lake Baikal is nearly 640 miles long and has a width of 80 kilometers, and it is pouring more than 300 rivers.

The Deepest Lake In The World, Magic Beauty Of Baikal Lake

Magic Beauty Of Baikal Lake

At some places the water in the lake is so clean, very often without problems we can see objects that are up to 40 meters below the surface. Almost five months during the year, Lake Baikal is covered with a thick layer of ice. During the process of freezing, cold waves shatter from coast and turn into turquoise ice sculptures.

At different parts of the lake, the frozen layer can be thick from 5 centimeters until the 2 meters. So it is enough to pass through it even car.

Between May and June, the ice begins to melt, and it was in these months Baikal lake becomes a magnet for tourists. They come here to listen to the natural orchestra called “ice music”. And it is the ice-break and waves that for five months after re-penetrate the surface.

The Deepest Lake In The World, Magic Beauty Of Baikal Lake

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