Only For The Bravest: The Most Extreme Adventure Travels In The World

Everyone likes to boast of adventures and experiences with travel, but how far people are willing to go? From camping in Antarctica to visit the battlefields in Syria, these are the extreme trip on which will not each decide.

Extreme destinations, with more extreme experience and unforeseen circumstances that may befall you.

Camping in Antarctica

In the case of camping in Antarctica, it is not known what is more extreme. The fact that you are in the most inaccessible continent or price, which amounted to 72,000 euros per person for eight nights.

Most visitors to Antarctica nights out on the deck of the ship in which they arrived, a small touring environment. But in this case, in order to reach the camp “White desert“, departing from Cape Town and stay in Antarctica.

Although the place, “White desert” was recently renovated to be more luxurious than just a camp. There are now luxurious interiors filled with furs and expensive hygiene products. So from extreme, this trip might be transformed into a luxury.

Camping in Antarctica

Tours through the war zone

This includes management of daring tourists in the war zone, in the presence of guides specialized in high-risk environment. Tours are ordered that you can decide how extreme you want to go.

The recommended tours include Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you think this is extreme, the Russian agency “Megapolis Resort” has “Assad tour”, in which the tourists lead to the war-torn Syria, but the tour is not recommended to everyone.

The research of a large natural labyrinth

Canyon National Park in Utah hiding place only a few tourists reluctant to visit, “Labyrinth”. It’s outlying labyrinth of sandstone canyons and totally looks the same, many of which are “dead end”. Guidance on their official website warns that you should follow the map, because GPS often lead people to incorrect paths.

Kayak ride in Siberia

One of the most extreme kayak ride in the world is on the Bashkaus River in Siberia, Russia. A few of the decision on this epic journey, where the paddles between a deadly high walls of the gorge, you will see at the end of the route monuments 6 professional kayakers died during the same route in 1976.

Kayak ride in Siberia

Diving with Zambezi (Bull) sharks

On the island Mbenga in Fiji, diving with sharks does not imply cages and includes meetings with up to eight type of sharks, including two of the world’s deadliest – Zambezi or bull sharks and tiger.

The marathon race on a mountain in Alaska

The race is long almost 5 kilometers, or on the side of the mountain, which can reach a slope up to 60 percent.

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