Five Ways to Pass the Time at the Airport

We have all been there – stranded! Yes your flight has been delayed, or worse, canceled, and you are stuck at the airport. What do you do?

Now before you go take out your anger on that creepy TSA agent that felt you up just a little too long an hour ago, maybe make the most of your time by doing one of the following:

1) Read:

The airport is the perfect time to catch up on that reading thing. Whether it is the latest New York Times bestseller or a gossip rag, getting lost in whatever it is you like to read can definitely make time fly before you get a chance to…well, fly.

2) Exercise:

Now before you laugh, click that red X on this window and never come back to our site, hear us out. While we are not one to frequent a gym (actually we have not stepped foot in one since the Clinton administration), walking around the airport and burning off those calories you packed on at the Terminal C Applebee’s is not a bad way to kill time. Now if you start doing crunches and pull ups at the check-in gate, you may be escorted out of the airport by security.

3) Play Games:

No we do not mean bury your nerdy face in hours of Angry Birds action (although we do love Angry Birds). By games I mean the classic “guess that person’s destination” (extra points if you can spot someone from New Hampshire and Nebraska) or bet on which plane will arrive first (remember that great Seinfeld episode?). If these games sound lame, then chances are you have somewhat of a life and would probably enjoy…

Five Ways to Pass the Time at the Airport

4) Drink:

Now we do not mean go get tanked before takeoff. But we do like to enjoy one or two drinks at the airport’s sports bar or pub while watching the news or the game. We have even met some cool people while enjoying an adult beverage or two before departing. Cheers!

5) Sleep:

While you may think, “I will nap on the plane”, that is not everyone’s cup of tea. In all the years we have been flying, we have probably slept on 15% of the flights. For some reason we can not get some zzz’s at 32,000 feet. So if you’re like us, then strap on the earbuds and go to sleep before boarding. Then get on that plane wide awake and watch hours upon hours of Mad About You episodes that you avoided on the ground but oddly are enjoying at this altitude.

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