Five Most Romantic Places to visit Around The World

So these are the five most romantic places to visit around the world with your loved one. This is for all those romantic backpackers, who have found true love while backpacking.

Five Most Romantic Places to visit Around The World

Romeo and Juliet: Verona, Italy

This is the town were those actual overlook the beauty of it due to so much romance in the air. Why? Well it is where the famous balcony is located of Romeo and Juliet. The balcony can over whelm you with love and emotion, if you know the story behind it. However if you do visit the town, take a peek of the stunning galleries and Garda Lake.

Anthony and Cleopatra: Cairo, Egypt

Overall this love story of Anthony and Cleopatra can seem a little hectic and strange, but the light show on the pyramids/tombs will change your mind. There’s something about their permanence and resilience in the face that will strike you. It’s the perfect moment to share with your loved one.

Palace of love: The Taj Mahal

This place is for those who have lost their true love. Emperor Shah Jahan who was grief-stricken after his third wife died during the birth of their 14th child built it. About 350 years the white marble minarets are still pretty much the benchmark for anyone who wants to build a palace of love.

Wuthering Heights: Yorkshire Moors, England

For those who have read the love story of Emily Bronte’s novel you will know what we are talking about. The romance between Heathcliffe and Cathy was out of control and filled with much passion. If you see this palace and the rolling green hills, this will just give you enough inspiration to fall in love again or to stay more in love forever.

Wuthering Heights, Yorkshire Moors, England

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Frankly My Dear: Georgia, U.S.A

Many of the southern states in the US have stunning old state homes that are very much overlooked. However, this one you may know due to a famous movie. Gone with the Wind, took part on this beautiful home. It is said to this day, that love and hope floats among the house and it’s beautiful countryside.

Light show on the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt

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